Past visitors, volunteers and interns

Sara BarrientosSara Barrientos (Spain, visiting PhD student, 2019)
Biotic multipliers of global change: herbivory pressure on kelp forests
Felipe RebeiroFelipe Ribeiro (Brazil, visiting PhD student, 2017/18)
Chemical interactions in shifting reef environments
Prof Morten F Pedersen (Denmark, sabbatical from Roskilde University, 2017)
Kelp ecology
Katja3Katja Hansen (Denmark, intern 2017)
Laboratory techniques in marine ecology
Mads Dahl
Mads Dahl (Denmark, intern 2016-17)
Laboratory techniques in marine ecology
Pernille PfeifferPernille Pfeiffer (Denmark, intern, 2014-15)
Laboratory techniques in marine ecology
Maj-Britt ChristensenMaj-Britt Christensen (Denmark, intern, 2014-15)
Laboratory techniques in marine ecology
Florian de BettigniesFlorian de Bettignies (France, volunteer, 2014-15)
Bioinformatics and marine ecology
Marine Heat Waves UWA group photoA/Prof Neil Holbrook, A/Prof Pippa Moore, Dr Marcus Donat, Dr Dan Smale, Dr Jessica Benthuesen, Dr Eric Oliver, A/Prof Lisa Alexander, Ms Hillary Scannell, Dr Sarah Perkins,  Dr Alistair Hobday, Dr Ming Feng, Prof Mike Burrows (workshop 2015)
                           Marine heat waves: physical drivers and properties
Dr Xiao Xi (China, visiting postdoc, Zhejiang University, 2014)Xiao Xi
Effects of temperature an UV on canopy-forming seaweeds.
Maria Cabrero LloranteMaría Cabrero Llorente (Spain, volunteer, 2014)
Marine Ecology.
Anne Belot2Anne Belot (France, intern, 2013-14)
Marine Ecology.
Kirsten RodgersKirsten Rodgers (New Zealand, visiting PhD student, Leigh Marine Laboratory, 2014)
In-situ measurement of whole-thallus photosynthesis of kelps.
JonneDr Jonne Kotta (Estonia, visiting collaborator, 2012, 2013)
Multiple stressors in marine and estuarine ecosystems.
alex-campbellDr Alex Campbell (University of New South Wales, visiting collaborator, 2013)
Seaweed disease and microbial interactions during heat stress.
Rosh_McCallumRoisin McCallum (volunteer, 2013)
 Marine ecology
Marie de BoisvilliersMarie de Boisvilliers (France, intern, 2013)
Marine ecology
VerenaVerena Platt (Germany, intern, 2012)
Identifying gastropods in tropical Sargassum canopies.
Exif_JPEG_PICTUREProf John Bolton, Dr Rob Anderson, Mr Mark Rothman (South Africa) and Assoc Prof Kjersti Sjotun (Norway) (WUN workshop, 2011)
Kelp ecosystems in a changing climate
Jakob ThyrringJakob Thyrring (Denmark, intern, 2011)
Whole-community facilitation by an invasive mud snails.

Dr Brezo Martinez (Spain, visiting collaborator, 2010, 2012
Species distribution models of for Australian seaweeds
caulerpinJose Escano Placido Roepstorff (Spain, visiting MSc student, University of Southern Denmark, 2009)
Ecology of Caulerpa spp. in Western Australia – understanding traits and impacts of super-invaders
Hannes HoeffleHannes Hoeffle (Austria, visiting MSc student, University of Southern Denmark, 2009)
Interactions between invasive mud snails and seagrasses under different temperature regimes.
Marianne Holmer Prof Marianne Holmer (Denmark, vising collaborator, VFN workshop, 2009)
Estuarine stressors, invasive species and biogeochemistry