Past staff and students

Heather Denham
Heather Denham (Research Assistant & Lab Manager, 2018-2022).
Nestor Bosch (PhD, 2022)
Linking patterns of reef fish community change to ecological functions in the Anthropocene.


Albert PassarodonaAlbert Pessarrodona (PhD, 2021)
Turf algae as emergent drivers of ecological function in shallow reefs.
JurgenJürgen Valckenaere (Masters, 2021)
Barriers to upscaling green gravel kelp forest restoration.
Salvador Zarco-Perello (PhD, 2021)
Persistence of tropical herbivorous fish in temperate ecosystems.

Sahira Bell

Sahira Bell (PhD, 2021)
Regime shifts and tropicalisation of temperate reefs.
Yannick MuldersYannick Mulders (PhD, 2021)
Changes in temperate seaweed communities and the associated subtidal reef ecosystem.
Claude Spencer mugshotClaude Spencer (Masters, 2019)
Functionality of tropical herbivores in tropicalised temperate reefs.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChenae Tuckett (PhD, 2019)
Climate variation and population ecology of high latitude corals.
Sandra Straub green beanieSandra Straub (PhD, 2019)
Effects of marine heatwaves on canopy forming seaweeds and marine forests.
Hansong ZuHanson Zu (Masters, 2018)

The role of urchins in mediating transformation and transport of  kelp detritus.

Felipe Rebeiro

Felipe Ribeiro (visiting PhD, 2017/18)
Chemical interactions in shifting reef environments.
molly-moustakaMolly Moustaka (Research Assistant, 2017). 
Tiffany SimpsonTiffany Simpson(PhD, 2017)
Biodiversity, biosecurity and management of sessile invertebrate assemblages in Western Australia.
betty-yu-biYu (Betty) Bi (Masters, 2017)
Seaweeds as habitat for animals.

Tullem McKiever

Tullem McKiever (Honours, 2017)
Tropicalization in Western Australia: effects of changing light and temperature regimes on Western Australian corals.


Tessa Ramshaw (Honours, 2017)

Response of the coral Plesiastrea versipora to simulated marine heatwaves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Robert Hemsworth (Masters, 2016)
Distribution and abundance of mobile invertebrates in southwestern Australia.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASalvador Zarco (Masters, 2016)
Recent changes in abundance and herbivory of rabbit fish in southwestern Australia.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShannon Dee (Honours, 2016)
Reproductive phenology of high latitude corals. 
Melissa2Melissa Varty (Honours, 2016)
Temperature tolerance and lethal limits of WA seaweeds.
Em red beanieEmily Gates (Research Assistant, 2013-16)
Dr Thibaut de Bettignies (Postdoc, 2013-15)
Ecology and ecophysiology of temperate reef organisms
Mikaela Andrews
Mikaela Andrews (Honours, 2015)
Temperature and reproductive phenology of seaweeds
Eileen Lee
Eileen Lee (Honours, 2015)
Diets of tropical fishes in temperate habitats

Scott Bennett

Scott Bennett (PhD, 2015)
Ecological drivers of seaweed canopy resilience along a latitudinal climate gradient
Mariah LumleyMariah Lumley (Honours, 2015)
Ageing and growth rates of of high-latitude corals
Profile_TomaszTomasz Pedlow (Masters, 2014)
Feeding ecology or purple urchins
 Tib red beanieThibaut de Bettignies (PhD, 2013)
Sources and supply of kelp detritus: quantifying mechanisms of production
Margie MohringMargie Mohring (PhD, 2013)
Effect of environment on reproduction and early performance of Ecklonia radiata
 Chenae TuckettChenae Tuckett (Honours, 2013)
Recent changes in high-latitude coral communities in Western Australia
Stefan AndrewsStefan Andrews (Honours, 2013)
Reproductive seasonality and early life temperature sensitivity of the seaweed Scytothalia dorycarpa (Phaeophyceae, Fucales)
Arthur LoArthur Lo (Coursework Masters, 2012)
Seasonal and spatial variation in abundance and species richness of seaweed associated mobile epifauna in Ningaloo, Western Australia
Melissa WhiteMelissa White, (Honours, 2006)
Grazing pressure by herbivorous gastropods on macroalgae in southwestern Australian kelp forests