Current members

Associate Professor Thomas Wernberg (Wise guy). A little bit about everything.


Heather DenhamHeather Denham (Research Assistant). Genie.



Yannick Mulders (PhD). Ecological functions and functional redundancy between different habitat-forming seaweeds.


Scytothalia recruitNahlah Alsuwaiyan (PhD). Seaweed reproduction in a warming ocean.


Sahira BellSahira Bell (PhD). Regime shifts and tropicalisation of temperate reefs.



 Salvador Zarco Perello (PhD). Persistence of tropical herbivorous fish in temperate ecosystems.


Albert PassarodonaAlbert Pessarrodona (PhD). Facilitating the recovery of kelp forests and increasing their resilience to climate change.


Nestor Bosch (PhD). Changes in functional diversity of reef fishes within an ocean warming hotspot: implications for temperate reef resilience.


Sofie VrankenSofie Vranken (PhD). Genetic patterns of Australian seaweed forests in changing environments.


Defne SahinDefne Sahin (PhD). Environmental and ecological drivers of performance and distribution of high latitude corals.


Alanna KursarAlanna Kursar (Masters). The tropicalisation of Jurien Bay, Western Australia, and the implications for temperate benthic communities.


Claude Spencer mugshotClaude Spencer (Masters). Functionality of tropical herbivores in tropicalized temperate reefs.