Current members

Associate Professor Thomas Wernberg (Wise guy). A little bit about everything.


molly-moustakaMolly Moustaka (Research Assistant).


Tiffany SimpsonTiffany Simpson (PhD). Biodiversity, biosecurity and management of sessile invertebrate assemblages in Western Australia.


Chenae TuckettChenae Tuckett (PhD). Climate variation and population ecology of high latitude corals.


Sandra Straub green beanieSandra Straub (PhD). Effects of marine heatwaves on canopy forming seaweeds and marine forests.



Yannick Mulders (PhD). Ecological functions and functional redundancy between different habitat-forming seaweeds.


Scytothalia recruitNahlah Alsuwaiyan (PhD). Seaweed reproduction in a warming ocean.


Sahira BellSahira Bell (PhD). Regime shifts and tropicalisation of temperate reefs.



Joao FrancoJoão Franco (PhD, external, Portugal). Global and local disturbances in Portuguese kelp forests.


betty-yu-biYu (Betty) Bi (Masters). Seaweeds as habitat for animals.



tessa-ramshawTessa Ramshaw (Honours). Effects of marine heatwaves on high latitude corals.


Tullem McKieverTullem McKiever (Honours). Environmental constraints and opportunities for WA corals at high latitudes.



Mads Dahl (Intern). Laboratory techniques in marine ecology.