Current members

Professor Thomas Wernberg (Wise guy). A little bit about everything.


Karen Filbee-Dexter.jpgDr Karen Filbee-Dexter (Senior Research Fellow). Kelp ecology. Arctic. Blue carbon. Sea urchins.


George WoodDr Georgina Wood (postdoc). Restoration ecology and genomics.


Albert Pessarrodona seaweed boyDr Albert Pessarrodona (postdoc). Seaweeds and blue carbon ecology.


Dr Mirjam van der Mheen (postdoc). Coastal oceanography and the transport of detritus and propagules.

Dr Sam Starko (Forrest Fellow). Kelp ecology and transcriptomics.

Dr Cristina Piñeiro Corbeira (postdoc). Herbivory and tropicalisation.

Dr Rita Franco-Santos (CERC Fellow). Blue carbon

Dr Johanna Zimmerhackel (postdoc). Valuation of ecosystem services from kelp forests.

Mason SullivanMason Sullivan (Lab Coordinator). MacGyver.


Brayden Cockerell (Research Assistant). Marine ecology and green gravel restoration. Starting January 2023.

Dani Bandt (Administrative Assistant).

Scytothalia recruitNahlah Alsuwaiyan (PhD). Seaweed reproduction in a warming ocean.


Sofie VrankenSofie Vranken (PhD). Genetic patterns of Australian seaweed forests in changing environments.


Defne SahinDefne Sahin (PhD). Environmental and ecological drivers of performance and distribution of high latitude corals.


AntoineMinneAntoine Minne (PhD). Kelp genomics and climate change.


Celina Burkholz Celina Burkholz (PhD). Intraspecific variation in seaweed stress tolerance and performance thresholds.


Jane Edgeloe (PhD). Population genomics and ecological response to climatic-stressors in a habitat-forming foundation seaweed species.


Taylor Simpkins with Dropcam AlbanyTaylor Simpkins (PhD). Blue carbon sequestration from Australian kelp forests.


JurgenJürgen Valckenaere (PhD). Future-proofing marine restoration and greening grey infrastructure.


Luka Wright (PhD) Microbial remineralisation of kelp detritus.

Océane Attlan (PhD) Long-term changes in marine communities.

Grace Edwards (PhD) The nutrient ecophysiology of seaweeds of the Great Southern Reef: towards optimising bioremediation potential of farmed and natural systems

Meg Proctor (Masters). Growth of high latitude corals under different environmental conditions.

Rowen Monks (Masters). Population connectivity and bottlenecks for Laminaria hyperborea and Saccharina latissima in northern Norway.