Claude Spencer

Claude stayed at UWA, as a Research Technician in the Fish Ecology group. 

Functionality of tropical herbivores in tropicalized temperate reefs (Masters 2019)

My research focuses on warm-water Scarid parrotfishes and will investigate how their functionality changes along the West Australian coastline. This is in response to the global trend of increasing ocean temperatures facilitating tropical species to inhabit higher latitudes. The research will investigate both size structure and feeding selectivity and intensity of parrotfish assemblages, and will compare the differences between native tropical reefs and novel tropicalised temperate reefs. This research will aim to highlight important new interactions that may occur due to the trend of increasing ocean temperatures and will provide information that can help with effective management of valuable temperate reefs in a warmer future.

Supervisors: Nestor Bosch, Tim Langois, Thomas Wernberg


  • 2018 – : Bachelor of Science (Marine Science) 2018xx.

Peer reviewed publications

  1. Bosch NE, McLean M, Zarco-Perello S, Bennett S, Stuart-Smith RD, Vergés A, Pessarrodona A, Tuya F, Langlois T, Spencer C, Bell SY, Saunders BJ, Harvey ES, Wernberg T (2022) Persistent thermally-driven shift in the functional trait structure of herbivorous fishes: evidence of top-down control on the rebound potential of temperate seaweed forests? Global Change Biology, accepted 19/12/21.

Claude Spencer in the field