Jürgen Valckenaere

Barriers to upscaling green gravel kelp forest restoration (Masters of Ocean Leadership 2021)

In a changing world, facing global and wicked challenges, simple solutions do not exist. Yet, the multitude of ecological, economic and mitigation services that Kelp forest provide around the world makes this ecosystem an important part of the answer. My project is focussing on the conditions, barriers, and potentials pathways to upscale Kelp forest restoration. Contributing to pave the way for future large-scale project in collaboration with international partners.

Supervisors: Karen Filbee-Dexter, Thomas Wernberg.


  • 2021: Master of Ocean Leadership, The University of Western Australia.
  • 2014: History, Earth & Human Sciences Teaching Degree, ENCBW – UCL, Belgium.

Achievements and awards

  • 2021: Global Excellence Scholarship.