Mikaela Andrews

The influence of temperature on seaweed reproduction and phenology (Honours 2016)

Shifts in the seasonal timing of events in species life cycles (phenology) in response to warming have been observed in most ecosystems. Still, limited information exist for the marine realm. Seaweeds are likely to be susceptible to temperature-mediated phenological changes such as shifts in their reproductive timing. I will test the influence of temperature and other environmental drivers (e.g., day length), on the reproduction of Australian seaweeds. I will be combining field surveys of seasonal timing in seaweed reproduction (visual assessment and histological samples) and laboratory controlled-experiments to initiate seaweed reproduction under different experimental conditions.

Supervisors: Thibaut de Bettignies, Thomas Wernberg


– 2014: B.Sc. (Marine Science), University of Western Australia, Perth

Seaweed collage (T. de Bettignies)