Xiao Xi

Research summary

I am a visiting scientist from the Ocean College, Zhejiang University in China. Here I am a PI on a project on control of harmful algal blooms sponsored by the NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China).

More broadly, my research focus on aquatic ecosystems, i.e. phytoplankton online monitoring, plant – phytoplankton interactions, allelopathy etc. In my work I use methods such as  Flow cytometry, HPLC-MS, and High throughput sequencing etc.

As a visiting scientist at the UWA Oceans Institute I will be working on effects of temperature and UV light on the performance of different habitat-forming seaweeds.

Xiao Xi aquaria

Xiao setting up aquaria for her experiments


  • 2007: B.Sc in Environmental Biology, Nanjing University.
  • 2012:  Ph.D at Zhejiang University.

Outcome of Xiao’s visit

Xiao X, de Bettignies T, Olsen Y, Agusti S, Duarte C, Wernberg T (2015) Sensitivity and acclimation of three canopy-forming seaweeds to UVB radiation and warming. PLoS One 10(12): e0143031.