Maj-Britt Christensen


Prior to my internship here at the UWA Oceans Institute &  the School of Plant Biology, I have had a year and a half at the CPH-Business Laboratory and Environment School in Denmark, where I have had both theory and laboratory work. Some of the topics were microbiology, biotechnology, protein purification and chemical synthesis.

For my internship, here at the Wernberg lab, I would like to improve my skills in the laboratory. I would like to learn about the workplace safety, work environment in a top marine laboratory, and instrumental techniques with a focus on the analysis of seaweed.

Maj-Britt PAM'ing seaweeds

Maj-Britt in the aquarium room PAM’ing seaweeds.

Maj-Britt with her final report

Congratulations to Maj-Britt for finishing her internship and her degree as lab technician from Copenhagen Business Academy. Holding her final report from Australia: “Hot life of a kelp: from growth to reproduction in warm conditions’